Monday, 25 June 2018

Providing proper iNotes search functionality

In the iNotes environment, Mobile Clients have no search capability at all, and Full Clients can only search the mail file that's currently in use.

Traveler Clients have only basic search functionality, and usually synchronise a subset of data.

That's fine for recent mail, but how do you find and use an email you received 6 months ago? By scrolling until you find it? That's a waste of time.

The FT Search Manager allows iNotes users to easily search ALL their Mail & Archives (and other databases, e.g. Shared Mail), via Mobile Client or Full, then use the results as per normal mail.

This makes ALL Mail & Archives available to Mobile devices - regardless of date or location - greatly improving the Mobile experience.

Mobile Home
Mobile Home
note new search icon
Mobile Search
Mobile Search
all mail & archives are available
Mobile Results
Mobile Results
results are used like normal mail

Give Mobile users a better way to use their existing Notes data and make better use of your Notes investment - 100,000 users can't be wrong.

By improving user productivity, the IONET FT Search Manager pays for itself in next to no time.

For more information or to download a trial copy, please visit

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