Friday, 17 January 2014

New Feature - iNotes Mobile Searching

The Problem
In the standard iNotes environment, Mobile Clients (e.g. using a Smartphone) have no search capability at all, and Full Clients (using a Browser) can only search the mail file that's currently in use.

Therefore to find and use an existing email with the Mobile Client, you have to start at the latest email, and scroll backwards until you find it. To find an email in an archive database, you have to open that archive individually, and then start scrolling backwards through the pages.

This is impractical for normal use, and the email is too easily missed. 

The Solution
The FT Search Manager now allows users to search their active Mail, AND all server-based Archives (regardless of actual server), at the same time, using either the iNotes Mobile or iNotes Full Client.

This makes iNotes much more useful, because users can quickly and easily find any email they want, regardless of its date or location, use it (e.g. Reply / Forward), then return directly to the search results, or to the mail file.

The search environment is configured automatically for each user - requiring no Administrator intervention - and the iNotes search environment itself installs with a single click.

1. iNotes Mobile Home, with new Search icon

2. iNotes Mobile Search UI

3. iNotes Mobile Searching  

4. iNotes Mobile Results 


Full iNotes Searching is also available, allowing search of Mail and all server-based Archives;

1. iNotes Full Client Search UI

2. iNotes Full Client Search Results

To test this in your own environment, just add our demo database to your iNotes server, then install iNotes searching using the Setup Wizard.

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