Thursday, 5 December 2013

New features in the FT Search Manager

Over the past month we've added some new features to the FT Search Manager. These are;

1. Attachment Name searching.
Which allows you to search attachment names within documents, not possible with standard Notes searching. For example, you can search on strings like "Budget 2014", wildcards like '*.xls', or multiple operators like 'xls OR pdf'. You can also combine those queries with normal queries, e.g. to find all PDFs sent to in the last 3 months. This functionality also applies to Discovery/Compliance searching.

2. Navigate to Query
The ability to automatically navigate to the first query word when opening results. 

3. New default 'Result Processing' options. 
Each customer can update this functionality to their own requirements.

4. Shared Mail support
The ability to automatically make Shared Mail databases available for searching, either to all users in the ACL, or specific users.

For more information, or demo software, please visit

Next, we'll add new functionality for iNotes mobile searching, installed automatically;

1. iNotes Home (note the new Search Icon)

2. Search Interface

3. Searching

4. Results

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