Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Searching Within Results in the Notes Client

The latest version of the FT Search Manager allows you to 'Search Within Results' in the Notes Client.

This means that when searching your Mail & Archives, Applications, or performing Discovery/Compliance searching, you can search within the result set multiple times, and also back out each step (e.g. to change a search term, correct a typo etc).

Refining a search in this way makes it a lot easier to find target information.

 For example, a search of Mail & Archives for 'IBM', initially returns 2404 results;

 Then Search Within Results for 'partner*';

 Total now = 1492 results

 Search Within Results again for 'PWCS' (total now = 34 results) 

 Search Within Results again for 'signed' (total now = 9 results) 

 Search Within Results again for 'PSWWUA' (it's the wrong spelling, so no results) 

Therefore back out 1 level via the "Undo Search Within Results", to get back to the 'Signed' query (9 results). Note you can keep backing out the Search Within Results until you're back to your original query.

 Now Search Within Results again on the correct term 'PWSWUA' (total = 3 results) 

Proximity Operator
We've also added a NEAR proximity operator, which can be more accurate than AND.

 For example, a search for Mark AND Partner returns 90 results; 

 whereas a search for Mark NEAR Partner returns only 8 results; 

 'NEAR' is defined as being within 10 words, but you can also define that yourself, e.g. to 20 words

 You can also combine the NEAR operator with Search Within Results;

To try it yourself, please just download from

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