Monday, 13 May 2013

Searching Applications & File Systems directly from the Notes Client

New functionality in the R9 Notes Client has finally allowed us to integrate our search tool properly into the Notes Search List, via Widget, as below;

You could for example search your Notes Applications & Application Suites, server-based File Systems, and Quickr, all at the same time and directly from Notes. You can then add your Mail, Mail Archives, and local PC files to the list. That's a quick way to search a lot of information, and therefore save a lot of time.

In addition, results come back with a lot more information than Notes usually provides, allowing easy target identification directly from the results themselves.

And as well as just searching, you can perform actions on the results, for example in response to litigation/information requests. Default actions including copying results to another location (Notes data into databases, Files to a selected Directory), but you can also customise these options and add your own handling.

The result is a comprehensive search tool for the Notes Client (and for Browsers, iNotes/DWA, and Web Services).

Aside from the plug-in, no other installation is required on the Client, and searching also works locally.

More information, demos and downloads are available on the FT Search Manager Page.

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