Monday, 26 November 2012

FT Search Manager v5 - Full Notes Mail Integration

We're pleased to announce the availability of FT Search Manager v5, allowing full Notes Mail integration, as shown below. This integration can be implemented into the R853 Standard Client (Mail Files or Templates) via a single click, and provides yet another search method for Notes Clients, in addition to our existing Search Scope, Widget, Actions & Toolbar Icon search methods.


The UI is fully translatable (via documents, the Search button here is shown in German), and you can use your own logo, provide your own help functions etc. 

To try this in your own environment, please download a demo database here, then open the database and choose to set up Mail & Archive searching (for yourself or others), then select 'Set up searching via Mail File Integration'.

You can either just click the 'Install Mail Integration Search' button to install, or set it up manually following the instructions.

For more information about the FT Search Manager and other forms of searching, please visit the product page here.

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