Monday, 22 February 2016

Saving Notes Search results to PDF

At the start of this year, we added PDF support to our FT Search Manager product.

This allows Notes search results to be saved directly as PDFs, either after a Discovery/Compliance search, or after normal Mail & Archive searching.

For example, let's say you have a legal requirement to provide copies of all email sent between your environment and during 2015.

1. Specified power users can run a Discovery/Compliance search across all mail files and archives in the environment, select the desired results, and export them to PDF.

2. Individual users can perform their own searches in response to an information-gathering request, select the relevant email, and export it to PDF.

Metadata is captured, the PDF format is easily controlled via stylesheets, and Administrators manage options for naming PDFs, export locations etc.

The same functionality applies to our Archiver for Notes product, which can now export Notes data directly to PDF (as well as NSF, XML, HTML, PST etc). So in the above example, Administrators could also create archiving criteria with an @formula and archive all matching emails to PDF, leaving the source data untouched.

For more information, demos & downloads, please visit the FT Search Manager page.

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