Monday, 27 April 2015

New Result Options in the FT Search Manager

For many years now, the FT Search Manager has been presenting search results in table format, like a Notes View;

This is useful because it allows additional functionality like re-sorting results by column, then 'Jumping To' results starting with a specific string;

It also allows re-searching by Facet, as show here with a Date facet;

However some users rightly complained that they found the spacing on large screens difficult to navigate, and when we looked at common web search engines, they had a point. Those search engines all truncate result widths at 100 characters or less.

Therefore we've allowed users to (optionally) select a different result format. Like all the other options, Administrators can default it to their preference then prevent it being changed, or let users decide.

This then displays results truncated in a 'list' format, with the UI being customisable as usual;

Re-sorting results by column and facet-based searching is no longer possible, but you can still perform other functions, like selecting & processing results (and you can define your own processing options also);

For more information, demos & downloads, please visit the FT Search Manager page. 

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