Monday, 13 February 2012

Search speed improvements

We're pleased to announce that the latest version of the FT Search Manager (v4.3) is at least 25% faster than older versions - and often more, depending on the content being searched.

This was achieved by rewriting the Notes search engine, so that each search thread first identifies the top x documents matching it's criteria & sort options, e.g. 'Person contains *acme*' & 'newest first', and then populates only enough results to make up the first result page.

The last thread to finish this process becomes the 'Sort' thread, sorting the result data from multiple searches/databases, then writing to the Results page. Because there is multiple page content already assembled, this is a very fast process.

After the first page of results displays, the Sort thread continues adding further result data in the background, using stubs set up by the initial search threads.

The initial results are therefore presented much faster, and that makes a difference when you have a large mail file to manage.

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